Vision and Values

The MAT’s vision is to provide the highest possible quality of education, underpinned by our Christian ethos and values. We are committed to developing cultural capital for pupils, especially disadvantaged pupils, the wellbeing of staff, developing leaders, providing high quality CPD for staff, ensuring financial probity and effective governance.

Our schools are a mix of large and small, rural and urban and each school serves its local community. We are keen that schools retain the best of what is unique about them, whilst working together as part of a harmonious whole. Schools are accountable to the MAT, but we offer a significant amount of autonomy, which we know schools enjoy. We promote collaboration between schools for the benefit of pupils and staff. Our interdependence requires high levels of commitment, performance and trust. The Christian faith which underpins our MAT offers “life in all its fulness”. The Church of England offers a compelling vision for education, which is all about educating for wisdom, hope, community and dignity -


As a MAT, we aspire to be the best that we can be, for the sake of the almost 3000 pupils in our schools.

To develop a World Class School Improvement Strategy

  • Ensuring outstanding Leadership at every level of the Trust
  • Ensuring high quality Teaching and high quality Learning Environments for all
  • Ensuring  high quality Governance at every level of the Trust
  • Ensuring clear stakeholder accountability across the Trust
  • Ensuring that the Distinctively Christian Ethos underpins all the work of the Trust and every aspect of Curriculum Delivery
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